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Specialty Products

DB-Aire ll Series

Air Cooled Precision Environmental Control Units

Cooling Capacity from 7 - 91 kW (2 -26 TR)

The DB-Aire II Series features:

  • Quiet & High Efficiency Scroll Compressors
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller
  • 4.3" TFT Colour Touch Screen Display
  • Compact Design & Foot Print with Attractive Outlook
  • Available in Chilled Water, Direct Expansion or Dual Coil System
  • Up and Downflow Configurations
  • Suitable for High Ambient Temperature Operation
  • Optional VFD Blower Motor, Hot Gas Reheat & EEV
  • R407C

    Dunham-Bush Patented Ice Thermal Storage Systems

    ICE-CEL features:

  • Modular and High Efficiency Tanks from 422 - 844 kWh
  • Only -3.5°C Brine Required in Freezing Mode
  • Fiberglass Double Wall Tanks
  • Full Poly Ethylene (High Density) Heat Exchanger for Durability and Efficiency

    Dunham-Bush Netvisor provides designers and owners a one source responsibility for fully integrated systems:

  • Dunham-Bush Chillers
  • Dunham-Bush ICE-CEL Tanks
  • Plate Heat Exchangers / Pumps / Valves / Cooling Towers
  • All Controls and Interlocks Local or remote monitoring is provided via Bacnet, Lonworks, Modbus or Internet Protocol.
  • Ice Rink Chiller

    Industrial Low Temp Machine

  • Customized Design Chiller
  • Manufactured Based on Requirement/ Specification
  • R507